Fun? Personal? Smooth-Flowing?

Your wedding CAN have it all

Your wedding and reception can be magical. You look out and see all the meaningful people in your life gathered to celebrate you. You bask in the love, not just from your new spouse, but from your entire community.

Getting there starts with great planning. We’ll chat about what elements of a wedding are authentic and meaningful to you. And what aren’t.

Putting my years of experience to work for you, we’ll brainstorm ways to creatively tell your story. I’ll throw out ideas. W we’ll all understand what YOU want. Then the day all comes together to tell the story of you and your relationship.

Everything at your wedding is a big deal. As MC, I’m committed to making sure that everyone knows what’s going on and what’s coming up.

And then, as the celebration turns to dancing, that dancefloor will rock. Everyone – from your grandparents to the flower girls – will feel included. 

In the end, you’ll have a night where you’ve had all the emotion and fun you can handle. As the evening finishes, even if there’s some exhaustion and the tiniest bit of (non-makeup smearing) sweat, I hope we’ll have a big hug and you’ll say, “Alan, that’s EXACTLY what we wanted.”

Step 1: We Get to Know Each Other

If I’m going to represent you and MC the biggest party of your life, I want to really know you, understand your personalities (and quirks). So we’ll meet. We’ll chat. We’ll be probably become Facebook friends. I will listen to who you are and what you want your event to be like.

Step 2: We Make Our Plan

A great wedding starts with a great wedding plan. We’ll go over every detail, from your ceremony to exit. We’ll start with a blank slate and select activities that are personal to you. Skip traditions that don’t ring true. Creates some new ones. In the end, we’ll have a detailed, personal timeline.

Step 3: You Have an Amazing Wedding

On your wedding night, you have the unique opportunity to spend time with all the people closest to you. Soak it in, knowing that I’ve got your back. I’ll work with your team and make sure things run smoothly.
And all that allows you to just relax and enjoy it all.

Cynthia and Jason could take a bow after their first dance. Their first step was to Contact Alan.

Be like Cynthia and Jason.

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His experience with our venue was especially helpful as he knew that guests sitting near the back of the venue would be unable to see the dance floor and therefore, it would be necessary to have them all standing near the dance floor for the first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, so that everyone could see. He helped pull this off so that the night still had a good flow to it and people didn’t feel like they were being shuffled around.

Rachel and Kyle Wenholz
Married at the Canal in Ballard