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Alan was very knowledgeable and professional.

Alan had a lot of experience and therefore a lot of knowledge of what worked and what didn’t.  Alan listened to our tastes and our desires for what we wanted while simultaneously helping to guide us make good decisions about our reception program.

I felt that Alan had a good understanding of who we were and the vision of what we wanted.  We collaborated pretty closely as the wedding approached to make sure we were on the same page for the reception.

Alan was very knowledgeable and professional. Alan knew what we were going for and made it a very good experience.

Alan had a good understanding of our tastes, as well as a good understanding of old favorites that the crowd would like.  Music, timing, volume, was all appropriate.

Alan did a good job.  He commanded attention without being overwhelming or becoming the center of attention.  He kept the program running smoothly.

I felt the value was comparable to the service provided– that is to say, money well spent.

I felt that the wedding and reception went well.  Alan did a good job facilitating the festivities, keeping us on track, and making sure the reception went smoothly.

I’d say that Alan did a good job for us and would be a good choice for anyone that needed a DJ.

Alan, thanks for making our wedding reception such a success.

Nikole Lenox and Albert Kelley
Married at Daybreak Star Center in Seattle
Reviewed on Google
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