Photo Credits

I’ve had the great privilege of working with some of Seattle’s finest photographers and I appreciate them sharing their work throughout the site. Without them, I could not even come close to showing you what it’s like to be a wedding DJ in Seattle.

If you need a recommendation, get in touch and I’ll try to suggest a good fit.

Alexandra Mason of Alexandra Celia Photography
Amanda and Stephen Lloyd of Lloyd Photo and Film
Angela and Evan Carlyle Of Angela and
Ben Lucas of Nom Creative
Brynna Sweet of Brynna Kathleen Photography
Carlin Ma of Carlin Ma Media
Carol Harrold of Carol Harrold Weddings
Char Beck of Char Beck Photography
Christine Nguyen of Christine Nguyen Photography
Christopher Nelson Christopher Nelson Photography
Cory Parris of Cory Parris Photography
Dawn Hildebrand of Hildbrand Photography
Gracie Diaz of Sweet Luna Photography
Irene Jones of IJ Photo
Jenny GG of Jenny GG Photography
Kate Gansneder of GSquared Weddings
Kelly Lemon of Kelly Lemon Photography
Kristen Parker of Kristen Marie Parker
Kyle Goldie of Luma Weddings
Lucas Mobley of Lucas Mobley Photography
Maddy Moore of Olive and Opal Photography
Markie Jones of Markie Jones Photography
Paul Dudley of Paul Dudley Photography
Rebecca Mortenson of Rebecca Anne Photography
Rebecca Phillips of Rebecca Jane Photography
Rick Takagi of Rick Takagi Photography
Scott, Dan, Andy and Rob of Red Box Pictures
Tashana Klonius of Tashana Klonius Photography and Design
Tony Asgari of Tony Asgari Photography
Travis Lawton of Travis Lawton Photography
Whitney Korzan of Whitney Davis Photography

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We met him at a local wedding show, and while all of the other DJs were loud, obnoxious, and had the “used car salesman” vibe, Alan was the complete opposite. He wasn’t pushy, he was just honest about what he could do.

Trina Gonzales and Ben Lucas
Married at Port Gamble
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