Wedding Music

Personal guidance and easy tools to help you select your music

From the moment your guests sit for your ceremony, the music creates the soundtrack for your day. It sets the mood all the way until your exit. It’s a big deal.
So let’s get it right.
As a way to make your day unique and personal, I encourage you to select as much of the music as you want. We’ll create playlists that incorporate and display YOUR tastes. (For most couples, it’s a fun way to put the stamp of your personality into your event.)
A bit of a “musicologist,” I’ve spent a lot of time geeking out on song lists and observing what works and what doesn’t. So I will be there to guide you.
Below, you can see my collection of playlists in the main categories for a wedding day: Ceremony, Cocktails/Dinner, Special Events and, of course, Dancing. They all link to my Spotify, so you can check out each song. (Clicking on a link will open Spotify in a new tab. If you don’t have Spotify, you could sign up for a free account.)

Wedding Ceremony Music

When it comes to ceremony music, there are SO MANY great choices. My main advice is start with the song that you’re coming down the aisle to. And then use that to find and select a similar processional song for the rest of the wedding party.
For the recessional, we can fake out your guests for a laugh.

Wedding Cocktails and Dinner Music

Cocktails and dinner are great times to stamp your musical personalities on the day, especially with songs that may not be very danceable.
My plan is usually to use cocktail music as pleasant background that starts a groove, but ensures that guests can talk. As dinner goes on, I subtly pick up the energy a bit and watch guests tap their toes and get ready for what’s to come.

Wedding Events Music

It can be intimidating to select music for all the events at a wedding. Your first dance, your dance with your parent are special, special moments.(And who even knew that there are cake-cutting songs?)
So here is a veritable plethora of options to help you with all those moments.

Wedding Dance Music

Finally! The dance party! I want to play the songs that you are MOST excited to dance to.
I generally start off playing the most familiar “inclusive” dance songs you’ve selected. Pretty much the best dance songs of all time. I LOVE seeing Grandparents dancing with their Grandkids. See All Ages Party Starters on Spotify. I mostly play the full versions of those songs early.
As the evening goes on, I’ll break out more of the current music. And can go to a quicker editing style if you want. See Late Night, Grandma’s Gone… on Spotify.
If your crowd has some songs that they’ve traditionally danced to at all their events, I’ll play them at just the perfect moment.

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He helped us coordinate the music for every part of the wedding to our exact taste. He also has an excellent read of the crowd. Our families are big on the 80’s, so when he hit the 80’s vein he knew to keep it right there!

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Married at Private Castle in Poulso