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This is the spot where you can make up to 10 song requests for the upcoming wedding. Just enter the date and the password and you’ll be able to view all sorts of wedding song ideas.
Just drag your favorites to the list on the side and click “submit.”
I am looking forward to seeing what you consider best wedding songs to dance to!

This is what the song-request form looks like once you’re logged in. You’ll find all the top wedding DJ dance songs.

Alan is happy to take song requests before the wedding or at the wedding.

For more music info, please visit what the page where I’ve posted what I hope is the best wedding DJ song dance list.
If you have ANY questions at all, please visit my contact page and I’ll try to help you.

If you want some help thinking of great songs to request, check out my 100+ playlists on Spotify.

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He noticed that toward the end of the evening, the songs getting everyone riled up were rock classics, so he just kept playing them till everyone dropped! Perfect!

Ariana and Paul Gilmour
Married at DeLille Cellars in Redmond