Picking the Perfect First Dance Song

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There are so many big moments at a wedding, but I believe that a first dance that represents your personalities can bring out the joy and the emotion of the moment. I love the fact that after the hustle and stress of a wedding day, you at least get a few minutes completely to yourselves.

Two quick tips:

1) Have your wedding DJ edit the song down to about 2:00 minutes or 2:15. That gives you the greatest emotional impact. (I like to edit from the middle, so that you hear the intro and the ending of the song that you’re familiar with.)
2) You can make a truly unique first dance song by incorporating your voices and thoughts in it. Here’s an example: https://www.pugetsounddj.com/your-story-in-your-first-dance/

I’ve created several lists to help you pick the perfect first dance song for you. I think the first step is to have a conversation with your partner about what you want from the dance.  And that might help you decide which list best represents your tastes.


This list — Top First Dance Songs from the 2020s — consists of songs just since 2020. It’s going to have some great ideas for couples who want a modern, contemporary first dance that is authentic to their relationship. But not completely played out.
Here are the top 10. And check out the rest on Spotify.

Conversations in the Dark John Legend
Nobody But You (Duet with Gwen Stefani) – Acoustic Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani
Anyone Justin Bieber
Forever After All Luke Combs
Until I Found You Stephen Sanchez
I GUESS I’M IN LOVE Clinton Kane
Black And White – Stripped Niall Horan
Butterflies MAX, Ali Gatie
this is how you fall in love Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler
If You Love Her Forest Blakk

Here’s a list of “modern” sounding songs, mostly from the 2010s. Ed Sheeran and John Legend are, well, legendary, on this one.


There are some great songs that are Timeless Classics.

Even if you’re a city slicker from Seattle, you should know that country artists have produced some of the best first dance songs. Here are some great ones:

If you have a bit of an Indie/Hipster vibe to your musical tastes, here you go.

Some of my favorite ballads are from artists that we mostly think of as rockers. But when they go accoustic, it can be magic.
(In bonus Alan’s Life Trivia, my wife and I danced to “If I Should Fall Behind” at our wedding.)

Here are some from the “Crooners” in a list that I like to call “Cocktail Hour.”
If you love the Rat Pack and their music, this could be perfect for you.

You can never go wrong with Motown, so here are some ideas from that genre.

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