Everything went seamlessly

Alan DJ’d our wedding, and the experience working with him was absolutely wonderful. First, we met him at a local wedding show, and while all of the other DJs were loud, obnoxious, and had the “used car salesman” vibe, Alan was the complete opposite. He wasn’t pushy, he was just honest about what he could do.

Leading up to the wedding, we worked with us to get the venue setup planned, the timeline details set, and the playlist. He asked us questions that we never even thought about, and he was full of wisdom and experience. I ran out of time to give him a list of songs, so I had about 2 songs on my “play” list and about 4-5 on my “do not play” list. Between that and our conversation, he had enough to create a full playlist for our wedding that kept people coming back to the dance floor for hours.

During the wedding itself, nothing particularly stood out, and that’s a GOOD thing. Usually, if a wedding is extra memorable, it’s because something awful just happened. Since everything went seamlessly from the ceremony until we left at the end of the night, and that’s a huge credit to Alan.

His understated personality, ability to control the flow of the event, and enthusiasm for helping out wherever he could definitely gave him an A+ in our book.