“We were able to enjoy our event, thanks to Alan’s preparation and experience”

“Alan seemed very personable and interested in getting to know us so he could tailor the entertainment and experience to our likes, dislikes, and intended mood.

Rather than worrying about the flow and arrangement/timeline of our wedding we were able to enjoy our event, thanks to Alan’s preparation and experience.

We felt that Alan was committed to a making this a personal experience for us and our family and friends. We met a few times before the wedding and he was aware of all the details that needed to be figured out for everything that was planned. He let us decide all that we wanted to and was willing and confident to make decisions where when left him the “reigns.”

Helpful is an understatement in Alan’s involvement. Without the experience that Alan had brought into the planning and preparation, our wedding would not have went 1/2 as well as it had. We used several of his proposals and ideas. He was also able to give advice on both pros and cons to help us improve on the ideas for our wedding.

Alan appeared professional, maintained a very behind the scenes approach (such as giving tips to those who gave toasts, ensuring that the photographer and caterer where aware of the schedule of events, and people were where they needed to be). He guided when he needed to and was able to roll with unexpected changes.

Musically we were very open to whatever the crowd/mood called for. He worked in all of our recommendations while finding what the guests enjoyed. He was aware of the the music we planned prior to the event and worked those in as requested and recommended, while adding additional music when needed.

Alan was fantastic as an MC. We have been to a wedding with no direction prior and knew that Alan would be able to direct when needed. This was a BIG thing for us. He did a fantastic job at moving things along and making sure that different events went in the correct order and when needed.

We would highly recommend Alan for any event and advice any of his suggestions and advice.