“All the timing seemed perfect, everyone was very engaged and dancing”

I was hesitant to have a DJ as I am very particular about music and cheesy MCs. Alan was quick to respond and met with us in person multiple times. You could tell he wanted to make sure that he was the right fit for us. He took a lot of time to really connect with us personally and make sure he knew our exact wishes.

Alan was very attentive to our thoughts, wishes, and ideas. Although we had a few somewhat off-the-wall and extremely specific requests, he took the time to learn what we were specifically interested in and how he could match our expectations. Couldn’t have been happier with outcome.

He was connected with us, spent time preparing, seemed to be really feeling the vibe and matching our attendees’ demeanor.

Alan talked us out of some bad ideas and into some great ones. Especially with the introductions and timing of events – including the games he suggested – everything he thought of was great.

Musically, Alan seemed to stick very closely to our suggestions. He matched very specific and quirky requests with limited input from us with just what we were hoping for. The opening jazz music was especially great. (He totally deflected some rude comments from our guests and deferred to us when they wanted to play an inappropriate song from our past. Massive kudos to anyone who can shoot down our Irish family.)

As an MC, he did a great job. Rehearsed, timely, reactive, no worries.

It went great and I’m certain that Alan had a huge role in that. All the timing seemed perfect, everyone was very engaged and dancing.

I would strongly recommend him, especially to someone who is a little persnickety about music. Thank you so much for everything you put into this Alan! You made it a great day.