My husband and I danced virtually all night and had a blast

I cannot recommend Alan’s services enough. He is a consummate professional who is client-centered and cares about your event’s success. I interviewed a ton of DJs, all of whom were high pressure and high priced – at times, I felt like I was dealing with car salespeople. Our experience with Alan was a very welcome departure from that experience. Prior to our booking, Alan did an extensive phone consult with me. Later, my husband and I met with Alan and knew instantly that we had found our DJ. He knows his craft and it showed in that first meeting.

In our experience, Alan goes above and beyond to make your day complete. After a major storm prevented my maid of honor from making the wedding, he worked tirelessly to come up with a solution to make her present virtually, and he was a truly comforting presence in a hectic time. I was both surprised and overjoyed to walk into my reception and see my best friend on an iPad and a projector as they tested out the technology. Later in the evening, my MoH was able to give her toast from 3,000 miles away (even if the venue’s wireless was spotty at times). Without Alan’s hard work and dedication to his clients, none of that would have been possible – I will truly remember that experience forever.

As far as the music at the wedding proper is concerned, my guests were really pleased with the music selections throughout the night. We gave him a roadmap of music we liked, and he read the room accordingly. His suggestions for what we should do throughout the night such as choosing a song to close the evening or play the Shoe Game were on-point and very well received. My husband and I danced virtually all night and had a blast.

Alan treats his clients as friends and, by extension, will certainly work hard to make your event a success. Between the rain and the missing bridal party, our event could have been a disaster. Thanks to Alan and our other vendors, it was perfect!