“He commanded attention without being overwhelming or becoming the center of attention”

Hiring Alan was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding day. We were originally going to just use an ipod for music, but I got cold feet about 6 weeks before thinking the ipod was a mistake. We ended up finding and booking Alan barely a month before and from that second on, I was so relieved.

Alan had a lot of experience and therefore a lot of knowledge of what worked and what didn’t. Alan listened to our tastes and our desires for what we wanted while simultaneously helping to guide us make good decisions about our reception program. Alan has the planning process down to a T, he asked me questions about things I hadn’t even thought of!

Using his website, my fiance and I had hours of fun picking the exact songs we wanted.

We collaborated pretty closely as the wedding approached to make sure we were on the same page for the reception. Alan was very knowledgeable and professional. Alan knew what we were going for and made it a very good experience. He had several pieces of advice from his vast experience that we took into consideration. I appreciated the input!

I felt that Alan had a good understanding of who we were and the vision of what we wanted. Alan really spent the time to get to know us, and put careful thought into how he was going to do our wedding, it wasn’t just another job for him. Even the day of, we had some unexpected events when a family member hired a surprise Mariachi band to preform for several hours without telling anyone. Alan was able to adjust our music plan on the fly and so graciously worked through that hurdle.

I loved all the personal touches he added, I never would of guessed he would of picked up some phrases in Spanish to throw out!

Music, timing, volume, was all appropriate. He played the right songs at the right times, picking up slight hints from the crowd. We had a particularly hard group to read for music tastes and he did a wonderful job adjusting on the fly.

Alan had a good understanding of our tastes, as well as a good understanding of old favorites that the crowd would like. He commanded attention without being overwhelming or becoming the center of attention. I felt that the wedding and reception went well. Alan did a good job facilitating the festivities, keeping us on track, and making sure the reception went smoothly.

Our wedding went great, if we had gone with our original plan of just an ipod, I don’t think the mood would of been near as party-like. Even things I didn’t think about like the lights made such a difference. I ended up feeling relieved being hands off the whole night, instead of worrying about someone touching the ipod or what if it stopped. I never realized how many different directions I was going to be pulled, and I thought I was going to be able to do it all. I am SO glad we went with the decision to hire a professional, and more so glad we were able to work with Alan.

Alan was amazing, I don’t think another dj would of been so patient or flexible with a hard-to-please crowd like ours. The personal touches he added to everything, made all the hours over the phone planning so worth it. I truly felt like he cared about our day and it wasn’t just another job to him.

I’d say that Alan did a good job for us and would be a good choice for anyone that needed a DJ. Alan, thanks for making our wedding reception such a success.