“I attribute much of the success of our wedding to Alan’s thoroughness and composure”

It was very apparent from the first time I spoke with Alan that he was very professional and truly wanted what was best for us in terms of fit. He was not over aggressive in trying to get us to choose him and was very straightforward in explaining what his role would be in the wedding and reception.

At the end of the day, the reason we chose Alan was his personality and charisma; I knew he would cater to our diverse group well.

Alan took the time to learn as much about us, our families, and our friends as he could, which I quite frankly didn’t expect but certainly appreciated. He was diligent in making sure we got what we wanted, and went above and beyond to meet our requests. Definitely a sincere person, and very committed to his craft.
It amazed me how dedicated he was to doing his job well.

One of the toughest things about planning our wedding was that we were doing the majority of it long distance. Needless to say, this added an extra level of anxiety to the process. Alan was very helpful in making personal recommendations and helped us find an amazing photographer.

Alan worked very hard right up to the wedding itself, collaborating with all of the other service providers to make sure they were all on the same page and things would go smoothly.

His professionalism was exceptional. I believe Alan’s experience gives him the confidence to approach weddings in a calm and collected manner. He is able to think on his feet and adjust very well which comes in handy when issues arise such as the caterer serving dinner late… He kept the energy very pleasant and was a great facilitator.

He had some great ideas in terms of microphone and speaker placement and the audio quality was excellent, we had several people comment on how good of a job Alan did in that department, and yes he looked good doing it.

Alan had a vast library of music to choose from and did not seem the least bit bothered by us requesting a fair number of songs that he didn’t have on hand. As the wedding neared and stress levels ran high, Alan did a great job of helping us make music selections for all of the different mini-events that sum to make a wedding. He catered very well to guest requests, and definitely used good judgment in choosing dancing music, etc.

He was very flexible in his approach and at the end of the day, I attribute much of the success of our wedding to Alan’s thoroughness and composure.

My wife and I went back and forth about live music vs a dj for a little while before we decided that a dj was more in our price range. That being said and money aside, the job that Alan did not only as a dj, but as a facilitator in general made me extremely happy that we took the route we did.

Everything flowed seamlessly and that is because of Alan’s dedication to providing an excellent service. When your wedding day comes, you want to be able to just sit back and take in the moment, and that is what choosing Alan Chitlik allowed us to do. He worked behind the scenes with everybody to make sure everything was moving at the right pace and read the crowd flawlessly.

He has my highest recommendation, without hesitation.