“He makes the vision of the day happen”

“We planned our wedding in Seattle while living in California. To cut costs we decided against having a wedding planner. Without a wedding planner, we knew that we had to make careful decisions with selecting our vendors as they would really assist us in making sure the day went smoothly.

We saw our DJ as our most important vendor. We wanted our day to be FUN and seamless. When we spoke to Alan, he listened intently to our vision of our wedding day, was witty and professional. He understood our concerns with planning a wedding from a different state and immediately eased many of our concerns. Bottom line was that we felt extremely comfortable and confident that Alan would do a great job.
Alan exceeded our expectations in every way. Our day was perfect.

Alan is a very authentic and genuine person which transcends into his professional work.. We felt as if Alan genuinely cared for us and wanted our day to be absolutely perfect!

Alan’s professionalism was top notch.
At our wedding, we had 2 year olds and 82 year olds. And we wanted EVERYONE to have a good time and that started with getting people on the dance floor. We told Alan that we wanted to get everyone our there dancing and he made it happen. We discussed our playlist ideas, but we didn’t want to micro-manage Alan. We felt comfortable with allowing Alan to read the crowd and make decisions. After all, this is his profession!

The reception was EPIC. Literally. Such a fun time and I saw every single person on the dance floor.
Alan as an MC was perfect! He is a great communicator, witty and confident! He can control a crowd. He put a lot of thought into the flow of a reception did a great job explaining things to us before the big day.

Alan was scheduled until 11pm. The night was so epic that we wanted the party to continue. We asked Alan about playing on and he said yes without hesitation! We expected that he would invoice us later, but he did it without a charge!
Alan was a KEY piece in our wedding day. The day was absolutely perfect and we had at least 20 people tell us that it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Absolutely perfect!

Alan is by far the best DJ I’ve ever come across. Not because he can scratch and mix, but because he makes the vision of the day happen! He takes it seriously. I would HIGHLY suggest Alan as a DJ.”