“We loved how personal you made the whole day feel and how you included everything we wanted”

We chose Alan because of his enthusiasm, his engaging and charismatic personality and the fact that he takes full responsibility for the reception. He was fantastic, engaging and all of our friends and family LOVED him! Also, he totally took responsibility for the reception which I loved.

He totally made the day about us and what we told him we wanted. He made it super personal, sweet and went with the flow which was amazing.

I loved that he met with us for almost 2 hours while planning for our reception. I LOVED the introduction of the wedding party, I had never seen that before and everyone loved it. It made it so personal and helpful for those who don’t know us a ton to get a glimpse of the people we surround ourselves with. He definitely had great advice as far as getting people down the aisle. Also, the shoe game was a fantastic idea. I had seen it once at a wedding and it was awkward so I was pretty hesitant to do it, but Alan made the game so fun and entertaining for the guests. People still remind me how fun that was for them to watch.

Alan was completely professional the entire time. He took the job very seriously but had so much fun.

We’ve had several people say “it felt like I was listening to my favorite playlist on my ipod!”

He was fantastic. I loved how he made everyone feel included in the day. He was funny, charismatic and all around great to listen to.

We originally weren’t going to have a DJ because of the cost, but Alan was an inexpensive option. Looking back on it now I would pay so much more for his services because of the quality he provides.

Honestly, our wedding was the best day of my life for so many reasons. it was just a really fun party with all of my closest friends and family and Alan played a huge role making that happen. He made sure that everyone that we wanted to have happened, he played all of our music requests, he included all of our guests in the reception.

I’ve already recommended him to several friends. The biggest thing that led me to choosing Alan was that he told us he takes full responsiblity for everything at the reception, from the cake cutting to making sure the photographer is there for every important event. As a bride this was amazing because I wanted no stress the day of my wedding and that’s exactly what that promise included.

James and I were amazed with your DJ and MC skills. We loved how personal you made the whole day feel and how you included everything we wanted. Thank you for all you did to make our wedding day the best day of our lives.