“He’s extremely helpful, personable, professional, and genuine!”

He showed interest in not just getting our business, but getting to know who we are, and who we are as a couple. I of course looked him up and read his reviews and they were all really good. When sitting down to chat with him, he was accommodating, helpful, and not at all pushy.
He had so many ideas that I wouldn’t have even thought of. He went above and beyond. He wasn’t just music. He wasn’t just the “emcee”. He mapped out our whole night and made sure those events were hit at the right time, or when we were ready.
I definitely felt he was committed to making our day everything we wanted it to be. I felt he was very genuine and you can tell he really enjoys what he does.
He had tons of ideas and we bounced ideas off of him as well and he made a note of everything we wanted to do. If we had an idea that he hasn’t seen go over too well in the past, he was honest in telling us so. He knows what he is doing.
I’m pretty sure he played all the songs we requested. (hard to say). But our guests were dancing all night long, so that outta tell you something.
He was funny and he wasn’t talking too much. He had an idea to dismiss the guests for dinner by asking trivia questions about us. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Honestly, it was amazing. Little to nothing went wrong, everyone had a blast, and I know Alan played a huge role in that.
He’s extremely helpful, personable, professional, and genuine!