“His website was amazingly helpful and extensive in affording us every option of musical style.”

All the great things other couples said and the awards indicated about Alan proved to be true and then some. Alan’s easy-going and detailed style made planning easier for us and assured us that anything that came up would be handled very well.

Alan was always right there for us. We brainstormed options, he gave us the pros/cons of each and readily/enthusiastically implemented whatever we asked for.

Alan most definitely was helpful in our planning. For example, he helped us visualize what it would be like to move from cake cutting to bride’s dance with her father to the groom’s welcoming speech, etc. and to order those steps in a way that kept things fun and flowing.

Alan traveled all the way from Seattle, WA to our wedding at Ft. Knox, KY. He filled our hall with fantastic music and MC announcements that kept things fun, loving and welcoming for all. His set-up was unobtrusive, streamlined and perfectly integrated into our layout.

Sooo many of the people who attended our wedding kept coming up to us and commenting how wonderful Alan was as both a DJ and an MC. His website was amazingly helpful and extensive in affording us every option of musical style. Alan had us pick all the music we loved and then helped us shape it, (i.e.), number of songs, order, volume, timing, etc., for a fun-filled time for our guests.

Alan struck a perfect balance between keeping things flowing and focused while never sacrificing the fun, warmth and hospitality we’d worked for.

We’re most proud/pleased that young and old alike all commented heartily and repeatedly that ours was among the most warm, fun-filled and inviting weddings they’d ever attended. Alan was key to that.

Once the decorations are in place, the food is set out and the drinks are chilled and waiting … mood/tenor/tone are EVERYTHING and the DJ is the absolute lynchpin to that experience. Alan was an absolute professional who was central in making that experience the wonder that it was.
If you want a first-rate experience, then be sure to hire first-rate people. Alan Chitlik and Puget Sound DJ services epitomize what it means to be first-rate from planning to implementation. We couldn’t have been more thrilled and pleased in getting Alan for our wedding!