“He genuinely was excited about my wedding, getting to know both Brendan and I, and helping to keep us calm when things became stressful.”

I spent a lot of time on different websites reading about different DJ’s and the qualities that made them unique. When I arrived at Alan’s page I loved how committed he was to music. This isn’t something he does to pay the bills, Alan is a DJ because he loves music, people, and weddings!

I lived about 2 hours from Alan and he was very willing to drive to meet me in my home town. While we talked, it became very clear that he was willing accommodate all my requests, especially my most important expectation that the music be appropriate for kids and my grandparents.

Alan not only met our expectations, but he became a critical part of making our wedding day a success!

We had a couple of minor setbacks only days before the wedding and Alan wasn’t annoyed at all when it took me longer than it should to send in my music request sheets. In fact, he was more concerned with my mental health and whether or not I was feeling happy. He helped us track down equipment so that one of my bridesmaids could play the piano and sing for our first dance. His music choices were both fun and appropriate. We had people dancing and laughing all night! In fact we even stayed passed the time we were planning on leaving, we were just having so much fun!

Alan spent a lot of time on the phone with me talking about our music and always emailed me back in a timely manner. Alan is so happy and excited! He genuinely was excited about my wedding, getting to know both Brendan and I, and helping to keep us calm when things became stressful. I felt that he respected my parents, my wedding party, and my other vendors. It was very apparent that Alan was working hard to make our wedding day a success. At one point in the reception Alan even came over to me at my head table with two huge plates of food and simply said “eat!” He noticed that I had been so busy talking to guests and friends that I hadn’t eaten anything yet! But that’s just Alan! He cares about his brides both as customers and as friends!

Alan kept things flowing. I had no idea how to best place the first dance, cake cutting, toasts, etc. but Alan had great suggestions and helped me plan out everything. We had a surprise for my brother because it was his birthday as well and he helped organize everything between the vendors so that our surprise was as success!

I would recommend Alan 100%. I simply couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. Not only was his performance on the day perfect, but his desire to help in other areas was wonderful too; he demonstrated a true knowledge of this business. Since the ceremony we have kept in contact a few times, which only again emphasizes his commitment to his customers, Alan genuinely cares about his clients.”