“Alan was the main reason it went as smoothly as it did”

Alan was amazing!!! We met him at a wedding expo in Everett and hit it right off.  We also were worried with other companies; we met the managers and not the actual DJ. We wanted to know who was going to be doing our wedding. Huge plus knowing Alan himself was going to be a part of it. His personality is great, can’t not smile when talking with him.

We had high expectations in our minds. When it came down to end of the night, he blew our expectations out of the water!

Everything went smoothly; he kept the day moving in a wonderful pace that didn’t rush people.

He completely made me feel like he was personally committed to making our day what we wanted!!! Between the jokes with my bridal party (which they loved, he had a sense of humor) to playing songs people requested. Even after the wedding people told us they really enjoy Alan and how the events went. **Alan played an active role in our reception** which he seemed like he was having a blast!! Alan can hold his own in a fun group.

Alan met us 5 minutes from our house to talk about our plans on a few occasions. Completely helpful! We used him as our primary source for planning! Alan was very willing to give us advice and help us with every question we threw at him. From how to layout our tents and dance floor to where we should put the bar. He helped us with the time of the wedding, made great suggestions on fun games to play to keep things light and fun. Alan did a great job reading our personalities and tailored his suggestions to what he thought we might like.

Day of the wedding he showed up early, talked for a few minutes to make sure we were all on the same page. It was wonderful not having to worry about what we are doing next and the time frame. He made sure the guest enjoyed themselves. Family and friends were really happy with what he did at the wedding, the flow and ease of the ceremony and reception to the music that was played.

Not only is he a DJ, he is an MC as well!! Great public speaker! Again he Rocked it! 5 Star for his evaluation on his MC skills!!

At first glance it will seem a little pricey. BUT, once you talk to Alan in the start of your planning, everything comes easier when he is in the picture and a part of it. Worth every cent! No surprises, no hidden fees!

My wedding went fantastic! Nothing crazy happened, no drama, no cake in my face! I was waiting for something bad to happen, so I could be bridezilla, but thank heavens it never did.
We talked to Alan beforehand to make sure we were all on the same page; on how we wanted the day to evening to go. Alan was the main reason it went as smoothly as it did!!!

He Rocked It! When it comes down to it, we wanted to have a good time and not have to worry about the time and what we were doing next. He made our job of dancing, speeches, eating, eating some more enjoyable and stress free. If you know someone who’s getting married, call him first!