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You spend a LOT of time planning your wedding and envisioning the perfect plan. But sometimes, things can go awry. You might have a funny wedding disaster and go viral on YouTube.

How you deal with that will go a long way toward determining whether you have a great time at your wedding. I don’t want to spoil the moment for you. But look at how Caroline, the bride, reacts when her friend tries to adjust her cake stand….

Think about how this might apply to your own wedding. In Seattle and in some of the great outdoor venues in Snohomish County, the biggest issue that requires a “Plan B” is rain. Even on historically nice weekends, it can POUR. So connecting with a tent rental place as part of your plan can give you some piece of mind. Or talk to your venue about their contingencies. While an outdoor ceremony filled with all the trees and nature and such might be what you envision, where could you have it instead? One option is to move the ceremony inside to your reception area and let guests sit at tables.

Most weddings actually do come off close to plan. But because weddings have SO much going on in a short amount of time, there are a lot of things that CAN go wrong. I have seen rings caught in traffic, absent pots preventing pasta from being boiled (and pasta really is better when boiled), bridesmaids snowed in across the country, power outages, fallen cakes and much more. And what I’ve noticed is that couples who have acknowledged and thought these things through are able to adjust and have a great time with whatever happens.

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