Reviews for Seattle Wedding DJ

I can hardly say how much I appreciate the couples below who have taken the time to share reviews of my DJ services. The couples I work with are simply the best.
What you see below is a comprehensive set of reviews, compiling WeddingWire reviews, The Knot reviews, Yelp reviews and more. It's kind of long, I know, but I think it's best for couples who are trying to find a Seattle Wedding DJ to have the chance to hear directly from other couples who have gone through it themselves.

“I attribute much of the success of our wedding to Alan's thoroughness and composure”

It was very apparent from the first time I spoke with Alan that he was very professional and truly wanted what was best for us in terms of fit. He was not over aggressive in trying to get us to choose him and was very straightforward in explaining what his role would be in the wedding and reception.

At the end of the day, the reason we chose Alan was his personality and charisma; I knew he would cater to our diverse group well.

Alan took the time to learn as much about us, our families, and our friends as he could, which I quite frankly didn't expect but certainly appreciated. He was diligent in making sure we got what we wanted, and went above and beyond to meet our requests. Definitely a sincere person, and very committed to his craft. It amazed me how dedicated he was to doing his job well.

One of the toughest things about planning our wedding was that we were doing the majority of it long distance. Needless to say, this added an extra level of anxiety to the process. Alan was very helpful in making personal recommendations and helped us find an amazing photographer.

Alan worked very hard right up to the wedding itself, collaborating with all of the other service providers to make sure they were all on the same page and things would go smoothly.

His professionalism was exceptional. I believe Alan's experience gives him the confidence to approach weddings in a calm and collected manner. He is able to think on his feet and adjust very well which comes in handy when issues arise such as the caterer serving dinner late... He kept the energy very pleasant and was a great facilitator.

He had some great ideas in terms of microphone and speaker placement and the audio quality was excellent, we had several people comment on how good of a job Alan did in that department, and yes he looked good doing it.

Alan had a vast library of music to choose from and did not seem the least bit bothered by us requesting a fair number of songs that he didn't have on hand. As the wedding neared and stress levels ran high, Alan did a great job of helping us make music selections for all of the different mini-events that sum to make a wedding. He catered very well to guest requests, and definitely used good judgment in choosing dancing music, etc.

He was very flexible in his approach and at the end of the day, I attribute much of the success of our wedding to Alan's thoroughness and composure.

My wife and I went back and forth about live music vs a dj for a little while before we decided that a dj was more in our price range. That being said and money aside, the job that Alan did not only as a dj, but as a facilitator in general made me extremely happy that we took the route we did.

Everything flowed seamlessly and that is because of Alan's dedication to providing an excellent service. When your wedding day comes, you want to be able to just sit back and take in the moment, and that is what choosing Alan Chitlik allowed us to do. He worked behind the scenes with everybody to make sure everything was moving at the right pace and read the crowd flawlessly.

He has my highest recommendation, without hesitation.

Jenn and Stephen Ellison, Married at Ray's Boathouse

“Alan was very helpful in his knowledge of making sure everything "flowed."

“We hired Alan Chitlik only about a month or so before our wedding and he pulled off our reception for us wonderfully! He has an online site that allowed us login and select songs that were must plays, play if you can, and don't play. We also received a login for our guests that allowed them to choose songs they wanted to hear at our wedding, which we know they loved getting to be involved in the music selection and request songs in advance so this was a great feature for us and for them! Alan had us fill out a form prior to our wedding which laid out every "moment" in detail (from our grand entrance to the garter removal and garter toss) so we could select every song that we wanted played for each and every important moment during the reception.

He was very thorough in our meetings, which made us feel confident that no detail would be missed. He made the reception have a wonderful flow to it and played every special song we had requested for special moments throughout the night.

His experience with our venue was especially helpful as he knew that guests sitting near the back of the venue would be unable to see the dance floor and therefore, it would be necessary to have them all standing near the dance floor for the first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, so that everyone could see. He helped pull this off so that the night still had a good flow to it and people didn't feel like they were being shuffled around. Details like these were things we hadn't even thought of, so Alan was very helpful in his knowledge of making sure everything "flowed."

We interviewed several other DJ's before Alan and most were either not as professional or knowledgeable and also less expensive or had similar philosophies to Alan and portrayed a similar confidence and professionalism, but were 3 times as expensive. Alan was the right price for our budget and gained our confidence quickly and certainly carried through with that and didn't let us down on our wedding day. He was very easy to work with and we would definitely recommend him! ”

Rachel and Kyle Wenholz, married at The Canal in Ballard

“Having Alan DJ and MC our big day was the best decision that we made when planning our wedding”

“I used to work in the wedding industry in Seattle so I can properly guarantee that you will not find a more valuable DJ than Alan Chitlik of Puget Sound DJ.

Not only does his website offer a tremendous amount of helpful checklists, but his wealth of knowledge in his profession is unmatched by any DJ in the Seattle area. The importance of a DJ goes far beyond picking the right music for your day, it is also about setting a terrific flow between planned activities: from ceremony, cake-cutting, garter tosses, etc; establishing relationships with your guests; providing the right equipment and sound for your space; and creating a trusted relationship with the one person who you have assigned to get create the atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Alan graciously provided us with a pre-wedding planning session where he not only ran through the details of what songs to play when and what we expected from him to keep the party flowing, but he also helped us fill in some of holes that were left in our plan after deciding to forgo a planner. He is professional, kind, attentive, flexible and comes with all of his own stereo and mic equipment, and is hands down the best value for a memorable and fun experience!

I cannot express enough how incredibly fortunate I was to snag Alan for our big day. THANK YOU ALAN for the PERFECT day! ”

Christina and Scott Kissler, married at a residence on Lake Limerick

“He was passionate about making our wedding perfect”

“I loved Alan from the minute I met him.

He was passionate about making our wedding perfect and didn't stop working toward that until the very end.

He met with us several times to make sure we had every detail down and really got to know us as a couple so that he could personalize our reception as much as possible.

Alan also sent us a book to help with planning our reception and we got so many compliments as a result.

Alan was fantastic and with his set pricing you didn't have to pay for any of the extras. ”

Libby and Martin, married in West Seattle

“..Lots of great ideas from him ”

Annemarie Juhlian photoPhoto courtesy of Annemarie Juhlian
“Overall a great experience working with Alan.

Plenty of planning sessions and communications beforehand so he could get an idea of what we wanted.

Lots of great ideas from him on various different aspects of the wedding.

Was amazing the day of the wedding and very professional.”

Jessica and Jeremy, married at Alderbrook Resort

“My husband and I danced virtually all night and had a blast.”

“I cannot recommend Alan’s services enough. He is a consummate professional who is client-centered and cares about your event’s success. I interviewed a ton of DJs, all of whom were high pressure and high priced – at times, I felt like I was dealing with car salespeople. Our experience with Alan was a very welcome departure from that experience. Prior to our booking, Alan did an extensive phone consult with me. Later, my husband and I met with Alan and knew instantly that we had found our DJ. He knows his craft and it showed in that first meeting.

In our experience, Alan goes above and beyond to make your day complete. After a major storm prevented my maid of honor from making the wedding, he worked tirelessly to come up with a solution to make her present virtually, and he was a truly comforting presence in a hectic time. I was both surprised and overjoyed to walk into my reception and see my best friend on an iPad and a projector as they tested out the technology. Later in the evening, my MoH was able to give her toast from 3,000 miles away (even if the venue's wireless was spotty at times). Without Alan’s hard work and dedication to his clients, none of that would have been possible – I will truly remember that experience forever.

As far as the music at the wedding proper is concerned, my guests were really pleased with the music selections throughout the night. We gave him a roadmap of music we liked, and he read the room accordingly. His suggestions for what we should do throughout the night such as choosing a song to close the evening or play the Shoe Game were on-point and very well received. My husband and I danced virtually all night and had a blast.

Alan treats his clients as friends and, by extension, will certainly work hard to make your event a success. Between the rain and the missing bridal party, our event could have been a disaster. Thanks to Alan and our other vendors, it was perfect! ”

Margeaux and Jonah, married at the University of Washington Founder's Club

“He is the 1 vendor I have to thank for making it all happen ”

“Alan is a class act!! I have always considered my dream wedding to be the GLEE Musical story of my life. Al had all the right music to fulfill this dream.

His consultation was an amazing experience because he thought of things like traditions, rituals, ways to keep your guests entertained, things I had no idea about.

He not only plays music for your ceremony and reception, but he is the MC and he's engaging with your guests and he keeps the trains on track. He helped orchestrate my rehearsal, he has top of the line equipment, and everyone enjoyed the atmosphere that he created not only for our guests but for the beautiful memories that I will always have.

Alan worked extra hard to make sure that my day went as planned and that I got everything and more out of my day that I had planned. I look back at our wedding day and between Alan working with the staff at our venue, my coordinator, to being the voice and delivery of our day - not one thing went sideways and he is the 1 vendor I have to thank for making it all happen!! ”

Taryn and Mark Mauermann, married at the Salish Lodge

“Helped in so many areas of event planning and coordination prior to our Wedding Day”

“After speaking with several DJ's in the Seattle area over the phone and meeting a few in person, Alan by far stood out as the best and most personal DJ for our wedding. Not only was Allan a great DJ, but he also helped in so many areas of event planning and coordination prior to our Wedding Day.

His experience and commitment to further bettering himself by attending numerous DJ/Wedding conventions throughout the year definitely proved his commitment to professionalism.

He was able to use his expertise to direct us towards the wedding we envisioned and beyond without making the mistakes a less experienced DJ would make or that we would have allowed due to our inexperience.

Alan constantly communicated with us, listened and incorporated his ideas into suggestions that ultimately made our wedding day event intimate, special and fun. He certainly catered to us, but better yet - he was able to adapt according to the vibe of our guests and guide their energy to match the type of reception we planned for. Several guests after the wedding complimented us on the job Alan did.

The photos we received from our photographer of different events & games Alan suggested and coordinated were outstanding and showed how involved our friends and family were during the reception all because of Alan's master of ceremony skills.

We highly recommend Alan (Puget Sound DJ) to anyone planning for their wedding. He can cater to whatever type of wedding event you desire and truly cares about making your event the one you envisioned. Thanks Alan! ”

Joanne and Johannes Meyling, married at the Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo

“All the timing seemed perfect, everyone was very engaged and dancing”

Photo courtesy of Danielle Lee
“Talking to Alan on the phone, I could tell that he was invested in getting to know us personally and make sure that he was matching our mood/vibe. Alan was very attentive to our thoughts, wishes, and ideas. Although we had a few somewhat off-the-wall and extremely specific requests, he took the time to learn what we were specifically interested in and how he could match our expectations. Couldn't have been happier with outcome.

He was connected with us, spent time preparing, seemed to be really feeling the vibe and matching our attendees' demeanor.

Alan talked us out of some bad ideas and into some great ones. Especially with the introductions and timing of events - including the games he suggested - everything he thought of was great.

Musically, Alan seemed to stick very closely to our suggestions. He matched very specific and quirky requests with limited input from us with just what we were hoping for. The opening jazz music was especially great. He totally deflected some rude comments from our guests and deferred to us when they wanted to play an inappropriate song from our past. Massive kudos to anyone who can shoot down our Irish family.

As an MC, he did a great job. Rehearsed, timely, reactive, no worries.

It went great and I'm certain that Alan had a huge role in that. All the timing seemed perfect, everyone was very engaged and dancing.

I would strongly recommend him, especially to someone who is a little persnickety about music.

Thank you so much for everything you put into this Alan! You made it a great day. ”

Niamh and Colin Petkus, married at the Mount Baker Center

“he makes the vision of the day happen”

“We planned our wedding in Seattle while living in California. To cut costs we decided against having a wedding planner. Without a wedding planner, we knew that we had to make careful decisions with selecting our vendors as they would really assist us in making sure the day went smoothly.

We saw our DJ as our most important vendor. We wanted our day to be FUN and seamless. When we spoke to Alan, he listened intently to our vision of our wedding day, was witty and professional. He understood our concerns with planning a wedding from a different state and immediately eased many of our concerns. Bottom line was that we felt extremely comfortable and confident that Alan would do a great job. Alan exceeded our expectations in every way. Our day was perfect. Alan is a very authentic and genuine person which transcends into his professional work.. We felt as if Alan genuinely cared for us and wanted our day to be absolutely perfect!

Alan's professionalism was top notch. At our wedding, we had 2 year olds and 82 year olds. And we wanted EVERYONE to have a good time and that started with getting people on the dance floor. We told Alan that we wanted to get everyone our there dancing and he made it happen. We discussed our playlist ideas, but we didn't want to micro-manage Alan. We felt comfortable with allowing Alan to read the crowd and make decisions. After all, this is his profession!

The reception was EPIC. Literally. Such a fun time and I saw every single person on the dance floor. Alan as an MC was perfect! He is a great communicator, witty and confident! He can control a crowd. He put a lot of thought into the flow of a reception did a great job explaining things to us before the big day.

Alan was scheduled until 11pm. The night was so epic that we wanted the party to continue. We asked Alan about playing on and he said yes without hesitation! We expected that he would invoice us later, but he did it without a charge! Alan was a KEY piece in our wedding day. The day was absolutely perfect and we had at least 20 people tell us that it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Absolutely perfect!

Alan is by far the best DJ I've ever come across. Not because he can scratch and mix, but because he makes the vision of the day happen! He takes it seriously. I would HIGHLY suggest Alan as a DJ .”

Jackie and Dominic Gruelich, married at the Georgetown Ballroom

“Alan was the main reason it went as smoothly as it did”

Danielle Siedlecki photoPhoto courtesy of Danielle Siedlecki
“We also were worried with other companies; we met the managers and not the actual DJ. We wanted to know who was going to be doing our wedding. Huge plus knowing Alan himself was going to be a part of it. His personality is great, can't not smile when talking him.

We had high expectations in our minds. When it came down to end of the night, he blew our expectations out of the water!

Everything went smoothly; he kept the day moving in a wonderful pace that didn't rush people.

He completely made me feel like he was personally committed to making our day what we wanted!!! Between the jokes with my bridal party (which they loved, he had a sense of humor) to playing songs people requested. Even after the wedding people told us they really enjoy Alan and how the events went. **Alan played an active role in our reception** which he seemed like he was having a blast!! Alan can hold his own in a fun group. Completely helpful! We used him as our primary source for planning! Alan was very willing to give us advice and help us with every question we threw at him. From how to layout our tents and dance floor to where we should put the bar. He helped us with the time of the wedding, made great suggestions on fun games to play to keep things light and fun. Alan did a great job reading our personalities and tailored his suggestions to what he thought we might like. Not only is he a DJ, he is an MC as well!! Great public speaker! Again he Rocked it! 5 Star for his evaluation on his MC skills!!

At first glance it will seem a little pricey. BUT, once you talk to Alan in the start of your planning, everything comes easier when he is in the picture and a part of it. Worth every cent! Family and friends were really happy with what he did at the wedding, the flow and ease of the ceremony and reception to the music that was played.

My wedding went fantastic! Nothing crazy happened, no drama, no cake in my face! I was waiting for something bad to happen, so I could be bridezilla, but thank heavens it never did. We talked to Alan beforehand to make sure we were all on the same page; on how we wanted the day to evening to go. Alan was the main reason it went as smoothly as it did!!!

He Rocked It! When it comes down to it, we wanted to have a good time and not have to worry about the time and what we were doing next. He made our job of dancing, speeches, eating, eating some more enjoyable and stress free. If you know someone who's getting married, call him first! .”

Ashley Cole, married to Jason Cole in Arlington WA

“He asked questions that we never even thought about ”

“Alan was very personable. Many other DJs were loud, obnoxious, and had the "used car salesman" vibe. He wasn't pushy, and just honest about what he could do. All of the personal touches and recommendations showed that he was committed to us as individuals.

He asked questions that we never even thought about, and was full of wisdom and experience.

The music kept people coming back to the dance floor and was timed perfectly so when it was low, there was another thing people had to get up for.

We feel we got excellent value for the price paid. The things that tend to "stand out" about any event are the mistakes. Since it all went seamlessly right up to the great dancing at the reception, Alan did a great job.

Highly recommended.”

Trina and Ben Lucas, married in Port Gamble

“...really seemed to care about what we wanted on our day ”

“We hired Alan for our DJ for our Winter wedding. Alan was very friendly and outgoing through out the entire time up to and during the wedding. Alan was the only vendor who met with us TWICE before the wedding to make sure that he knew our personalities and what we were looking for from our wedding DJ. Alan was very good about asking what we were looking for, working out the best plan for our wedding day based on what we had in mind, and offered great suggestions when we weren't sure on what to do. He was very personable and made our wedding feel special.

He helped come up with ideas on what to do at the reception and what timeline would work best for our wedding. His appearance, equipment, and approach were all very professional.

The day of our wedding we had a few changes and Alan was flexible and able to easily work with the change in room and change in lay out of the bridal party.

He knew our number one goal was to get our guests out on the dance floor. He did a great job playing the right music for our guests and we all danced the night away!

We thought our wedding was perfect! We had the best day and we think Alan played a crucial role in that. He played great music that kept our guests dancing all night and he really kept the evening moving along so that things never felt stale.

We would say Alan was awesome. He went above and beyond - helping with the slideshow for Jenna's mom, really seemed to care about what we wanted on our day, and we had a great time.

It was a great day for us and Alan played a huge part in making our day perfect! We would definitely recommend Alan as a DJ for your wedding! ”

Jenna and Lee Langdon, Married in Woodmark

“His website was amazingly helpful and extensive in affording us every option of musical style.”

“All the great things other couples said and the awards indicated about Alan proved to be true and then some. Alan's easy-going and detailed style made planning easier for us and assured us that anything that came up would be handled very well.

Alan was always right there for us. We brainstormed options, he gave us the pros/cons of each and readily/enthusiastically implemented whatever we asked for.

Alan most definitely was helpful in our planning. For example, he helped us visualize what it would be like to move from cake cutting to bride's dance with her father to the groom's welcoming speech, etc. and to order those steps in a way that kept things fun and flowing.

Alan traveled all the way from Seattle, WA to our wedding at Ft. Knox, KY. He filled our hall with fantastic music and MC announcements that kept things fun, loving and welcoming for all. His set-up was unobtrusive, streamlined and perfectly integrated into our layout.

Sooo many of the people who attended our wedding kept coming up to us and commenting how wonderful Alan was as both a DJ and an MC. His website was amazingly helpful and extensive in affording us every option of musical style. Alan had us pick all the music we loved and then helped us shape it, (i.e.), number of songs, order, volume, timing, etc., for a fun-filled time for our guests.

Alan struck a perfect balance between keeping things flowing and focused while never sacrificing the fun, warmth and hospitality we'd worked for.

We're most proud/pleased that young and old alike all commented heartily and repeatedly that ours was among the most warm, fun-filled and inviting weddings they'd ever attended. Alan was key to that.

Once the decorations are in place, the food is set out and the drinks are chilled and waiting ... mood/tenor/tone are EVERYTHING and the DJ is the absolute lynchpin to that experience. Alan was an absolute professional who was central in making that experience the wonder that it was.

If you want a first-rate experience then be sure to hire first-rate people. Alan Chitlik and Puget Sound DJ services epitomize what it means to be first-rate from planning to implementation. We couldn't have been more thrilled and pleased in getting Alan for our wedding! ”

Caroline and Troy Plummer, married in Kentucky

“My husband and I could just sit back and relax at our wedding”

“We originally were drawn to Alan because of his up-front costs. We spoke to a few DJ's who had a lot of 'small print' and hidden costs. When we contacted Alan we were pleased with how he answered all our questions and would meet us in convenient locations just to chat, even if it meant him putting in an hours drive!

Alan exceeded expectations! Even though we were getting last minute details to him the night before the wedding, Alan made sure everything ran smoothly. He advised people prior to their speeches and entrances. He worked well with our planner and he made sure everything ran smoothly!

We definitely felt like he was personally committed. He remembered details about our wedding off the top of his head, when even we weren't sure. Alan had plenty of advice and tips we hadn’t even thought about: Grand entrances, prayers, speeches, where we should direct guests for dinner etc. Alan looked great! We love his formal attire, weddings are a big deal and one should dress as so!

Musically, he made appropriate choices. We spoke about what we wanted and didn't want. Volume was great, especially since our venue was pretty strict on volume. Professional and likeable! Alan is not one of those DJ's who thinks he's 'too cool for school.'

He was amazing on the day. Everybody loved Alan. He was giving advice to everyone on the day. My dad was nervous about giving a speech, so he gave him a pep talk.

Along with our wedding planner, he pretty much ran the show. My husband and I could just sit back and relax at our wedding.

We would highly recommend him.”

Hannah and Eric Palmer, Married in Tacoma

“Went way above & beyond to make sure we were happy with all our decisions, even the tiniest details. ”

“At our first meeting with Alan we were impressed with his knowledge of what it takes to organize a successful wedding reception. He expressed a real interest in getting to know us to help create the reception of our dreams. We liked the fact that Alan's goal is to create a memorable experience for the couple, not just play music. As a DJ of an event, Alan told us up front that he sees his role as master of ceremony in addition to being the DJ. This would make a smooth transition throughout the evening, which is exactly what we were hoping for on our big day.

Alan worked with us to select the songs being played at the ceremony and reception. He helped guide us through the process to choose songs that represent us as a couple. Opposite of many DJs that give you very limited prep time, Alan met with us as often as needed to plan pretty much the entire day. Alan went way above & beyond to make sure we were happy with all our decisions, even the tiniest details.

We felt Alan was personally committed to making our day as close to perfect as possible. He is sincerely interested in getting to know not only the couple, but also all the family and wedding party. You can tell that Alan loves what he does, so puts in his full effort into every wedding.

He will give you as much of his time as you need to plan your wedding and reception. Alan is also willing to personalize any songs that you're looking for. For us, he created a compilation of songs for our first dance. Based on his knowledge & experience, he was able to give us advice on our timeline and helped us prioritize to create a good flow of events for the big day.

Alan's professionalism was superb. He had an organized setup with two sets of equipment (one for the ceremony and one for the reception). Our wedding was outdoors, so audio can sometimes be a little tricky, but Alan made sure every guest could hear all audio clearly and at the perfect volume. He especially looked great in his black tux...a nice touch. His energy was outstanding and he read the crowd well.

Alan knows more songs than anyone we've met. He knows songs from the past and current songs that are perfect for weddings and receptions. For us, we wanted a reception where we danced A LOT. Alan was able to fulfill our request! Our guests really enjoyed dancing and sang Alan's praises. The lighting was fun and it was a great touch. Alan played every song that we were hoping for! The energy was up the entire night which we know is tough to do with a wide age range, so a big thank you to Alan!

Professional, energetic, caring. With so many things going on at a wedding and ceremony, Alan was terrific at keeping to the timeline. For us, we had an officiant, photographers, family, and friends all looking for our attention, so it was wonderful to have Alan there to guide and keep us on track for a successful evening.

If you're looking a dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring MC/DJ for your event, Alan should be your #1 choice. You will get all the preparation time you need with Alan. As for the event itself, Alan will do all he can to make it as special as possible. Alan rocks! ”

Kari and Mitch Ketner, married at the Hollywood Schoolhouse


“The fact that he made the night seamless for our guests is something we could never have done without him”

“Alan was highly recommended from our photographer, Lucas Mobley. We needed someone who would come in a do a great job and do most of the heavy lifting in terms of song selection and setup, etc. We first met with Alan and instantly got along. He's very easy going and listens closely to what matters to us. He was able to work independently and give suggestions along the way. Also his DJ style was such that he wants to keep the flow of the party and listen and adjust to things as they happen. He told us this when we met him but it wasn't till the actual event where we actually came to appreciate this.

Everything that he promised us (setting up, having a mic, lights, song selections, queuing, introductions) happened without us knowing. Once the plan was in place (which he created about 95% of the way, the few details from us were needed) he executed it flawlessly such that we had one less thing to worry about on our big day.

He most certainly was committed. The week before he consulted with us a second time to find out exactly what songs we wanted for the key parts. We had enough control in the areas we wanted control. In the areas that we had no preference, he filled in the gaps to make the night completely seamless. Also, the great part about Alan is that he doesn't nickel and dime you for every extra piece. He charges a flat rate which means he's there from start to finish without any question about extra money or time. He's there for you and committed to the event.

He knows the basic elements of an American, Jewish, and Asian wedding. This is not an easy task. He was able to suggest certain things that we might want to do in the night like mother/son dance, bouquet toss, cake cutting, introductions, etc, etc. We really had no idea of how we wanted the night to flow and Alan came in and suggested different parts, the ordering of each, and really became the glue for everything to fit together.

The comparison I have is that, we went to a wedding a few months after ours. One song was playing and everyone was up and dancing. The very next song was this old crusty old song that made everyone stop moving, even the 88 year old grandpa! THIS WAS NOT ALAN.

Alan in contrast was professional in the sense that he has the experience to know how to monitor the guests and keep the sound moving in a way that keeps people flowing. On the equipment side, he has his own sound system, mixer, laptop, mic, etc and it was of great quality. The people in the back had no problems hearing. Alan came dressed in a suit and bow tie and acted professionally the entire time. After questioning us and finding out our interests, he was able to find the music that we enjoyed and that fit with our personality. Timing and volume were great.

As an MC, he stayed out of the way for as much as possible since, according to him, each time the MC speaks it's an interruption to the party. So he treated that responsibility with great respect and only spoke when necessary. He also did intros for the wedding party. His delivery was spot on and made the commentary very enjoyable to listen to.

HIRE HIM! The amount of work he put in for us in such a short time was phenomenal. And the fact that he made the night seamless for our guests is something we could never have done without him.”

Ngoc-Diep Pham and Aaron Swerdlin, married at Salty's on Alki.

“Our wedding was absolutely perfect and Alan was a huge part in making that happen”

“Alan was amazing to work with! Every meeting was full of laughs because he is such an easy person to get along with!

I truly felt like he was there to make our day OURS and not anyone else's! He got a feel for us as a couple and built on it to make our night absolutely one for the books!

He far exceeded our expectations. With us not knowing how to go about this whole wedding thing, he was there for us the entire wedding planning process. He kept us on track. Little did we know how important it is to have a good dj/mc to plan your big day!

We were on the phone the night before the wedding to finalize some of the song choices and even in the morning of the wedding when I changed my mind about a few things, he was totally cool with it!

I threw out lots of different artists and he was so familiar with them all. And when I was so exhausted with making decisions I told him and he helped fill in the blanks that fit US!

If you are looking for a cheesy mc, Alan is not that! I have been to so many weddings where the mc/dj was so obnoxious that it totally ruined the wedding. Alan was great, not too much and not too little! He kept the whole night rolling!

I felt like we got so much for the money we spent and when it comes to weddings how often do you hear that?

Our wedding was absolutely perfect and Alan was a huge part in making that happen!”

Jenn Schmid and Jon Schmid, married in Everett, Wa.

“He mixed the types of songs really well so everyone had fun.”

“Alan was fantastic!! He worked with us through the entire process, made suggestions when we needed guidance, and got to know us as a couple so the music fit us and our wedding like a glove.

Alan is flexible and took the time to get to know us as a couple. He is very knowledgable and offers great guidance.

Alan was fully commited to making our day exactly as we wanted - he offered guidance when we were unsure and gave us choices to make our day our own. There was nothing pre-set, we discussed the entire day and flow to match who we are.

All his advice and help was great and never overbearing. We appreciated all he had to offer with his knowledge and expertise.

Very professional, he asked a lot of questions to make sure he fit the formality of our event and made everyone feel comfortable. He was very punctual and came prepared for the different set ups (indoor and outdoor).

Alan made the whole day fun! The music choices were spot on. We tried to give his as much information as we could about the type of music we liked and how we wanted to day to flow, and he matched it perfectly! The music was never too loud and he mixed the types of songs really well so everyone had fun.

As an MC, he was great! He knew who everyone was and had fun with it. He was never overbearing and he kept things short and sweet to make the day about us.

Alan is wonderful! We only have the best things to say about him and recommend him to everyone interested!

Thank you for making our wedding perfect!!"

Emily and Andy Jerome married in Woodinville, WA

“We were able to enjoy our event, thanks to Alan's preparation and experience”

“Alan seemed very personable and interested in getting to know us so he could tailor the entertaiment and experience to our likes, dislikes, and intended mood.

Rather than worrying about the flow and arrangement/timeline of our wedding we were able to enjoy our event, thanks to Alan's preparation and experience.

We felt that Alan was committed to a making this a personal experience for us and our family and friends. We met a few times before the wedding and he was aware of all the details that needed to be figured out for everything that was planned. He let us decide all that we wanted to and was willing and confident to make decisions where when left him the "reigns."

Helpful is an understatement in Alan's involvement. Without the experience that Alan had brought into the planning and preparation, our wedding would not have went 1/2 as well as it had. We used several of his proposals and ideas. He was also able to give advice on both pros and cons to help us improve on the ideas for our wedding.

Alan appeared professional, maintained a very behind the scenes approach (such as giving tips to those who gave toasts, ensuring that the photographer and caterer where aware of the schedule of events, and people were where they needed to be). He guided when he needed to and was able to roll with unexpected changes.

Musically we were very open to whatever the crowd/mood called for. He worked in all of our recommendations while finding what the guests enjoyed. He was aware of the the music we planned prior to the event and worked those in as requested and recommended, while adding additional music when needed.

Alan was fantastic as an MC. We have been to a wedding with no direction prior and knew that Alan would be able to direct when needed. This was a BIG thing for us. He did a fantastic job at moving things along and making sure that different events went in the correct order and when needed.

We would highly recommend Alan for any event and advice any of his suggestions and advice.

Soren and Ricky, married in Seattle

“...having a professional to get honest advice from was priceless!”

“First and foremost, I noticed that Alan really LISTENED to what we wanted in a DJ, our tastes in music, the style of reception, etc. We met him at a wedding show, and he stood out immediately from the other DJs we had spoken with who only seemed interested in talking about themselves! He clearly genuinely cared about making our day the best it could be!

We were very impressed with how he went out of his way to contact our other vendors and collaborate with them so that everyone was on the same page. Our reception went so smoothly - we didn't feel the need to be managing the evening because Alan was doing much of it for us! Above and beyond what we expected from a DJ.

Definitely not just another gig for Alan, seeing as he took the time to visit our venue beforehand with us and do a full walk-around to plan everything. We never once felt like we were just another event for him. He was very thorough in asking us anything and everything about ourselves and what we wanted so that he could truly personalize his services.

We feel that our wedding went more smoothly having Alan involved. He gave some great advice (without being pushy) about what types of songs to play and when, and we especially appreciated hearing his thoughts on the order of events during the reception, which we really had no clue about. You can read all the wedding planning books, but having a professional to get honest advice from was priceless!

We appreciated that he did everything possible so that his setup and equipment blended in to the decor of the reception. He clearly wasn't in it for the "exposure", which we appreciated. Our families commented later on his professionalism and very pleasant demeanor. The sound quality was wonderful, despite our location being a challenge to equip.

We were very pleased with his music choices, as well as how he incorporated the songs we wanted. We were most concerned with the ceremony music, since it seemed to us to be pretty complicated (with all the pre-ceremony music, different selections for entrances, plus exit and post-ceremony), but it went flawlessly! Also, he noticed that toward the end of the evening, the songs getting everyone riled up were rock classics, so he just kept playing them till everyone dropped! Perfect!

We'd absolutely recommend him! If you're looking for a DJ/MC who will make your event classy, fun, and tailored to YOU, meet with Alan and you won't be disappointed!

Ariana and Paul Gilmour married in Woodinville, WA

“ incredible trust and friendship that was present on our wedding day”

“Alan was AWESOME to work with!

So personable, fun and genuinely kind and caring of our big day:)

He really went the extra mile to make sure our day was everything we wanted it to be.

Not only did we get an incredible DJ, but Alan went above and beyond helping us plan our wedding details timeline.

His online planning services were extremely helpful tools and his many hours chatting and planning with us created an incredible trust and friendship that was present on our wedding day!

We highly recommend his services. He will exceed your expectations of any DJ and he will be a highlight of the entire experience, no doubt.

Thanks Alan for truly caring about your job, your customers and showing a good time through it all!”

Karla Crouch, married to Mike Crouch in Mukilteo Wa

“..was involved in every inch of our wedding planning”

“Alan is absolutely phenomenal at what he does!

He is absolutely in love with his career and will do whatever he can to help his customers. He was involved in every inch of our wedding planning and checking in very often-such a FRIEND.

He offered books and material to help ease our planning and offered to help where he could. We had a lot of meetings where we all met at my parents house.

He was very concerned about meeting the needs of every one of my family members, and of course the needs of me and my husband.”

Kayla Van Ness, married to Ian Van Ness in Mukilteo Wa.

“As an MC, he engaged the crowd without being over-the-top”

Lisa Parsons photoLisa Parsons Photo
“Alan was a pleasure to work with.

His music selection was great. As an MC, he engaged the crowd without being over-the-top, and he was incredibly helpful in planning our day. He asked us lots of questions, and even helped us discover things that were important to us that we hadn't thought about.

We asked him to offer opinions and ideas, and whether we agreed with him (which was most of the time) or not, he happily went along with what we decided.

I know you'll be happy with him as your dj.”

Angie Fox and Dave Levine, married at the Skansonia in Seattle

“The prep that took place before the wedding allowed us to relax and be confident”

“Alan provides a personal touch that was missing with other DJ's. Being that he has been a part of way more weddings than we, he made sure that we had thought through every moment of our big day. It was more than just providing music; it was about making memories.

He delivered both himself and his services in a less than cheesy manner that we both really appreciated. He was extremely professional throughout the whole process, helping us to be confident in our decision.

He was dedicated to making sure that all events of our wedding were memorable for us and our guests. Definitely not just another gig for Alan.

There were so many tools to help make sure that the music that was played was exactly what we wanted and when we wanted it. The prep that took place before the wedding allowed us to relax and be confident the music would flow naturally.

There really wasn't too much time to MC, but I appreciate the words that were said. For us, it was less about MC-ing and more about playing the right music at the right that the dancing never stopped. Which it didn't!

Alan is more than just stationary DJ. If you are looking for someone who will be actively involved in both the planning process and the reception itself, then he is your guy.

I would recommend Alan to any of my friends

Megan Mead, married Kelcey Mead in Astoria Ore.

“He genuinely was excited about my wedding, getting to know both Brendan and I, and helping to keep us calm when things became stressful.”

“Alan not only met our expectations, but he became a critical part of making our wedding day a success!

We had a couple of minor setbacks only days before the wedding and Alan wasn't annoyed at all when it took me longer than it should to send in my music request sheets. In fact, he was more concerned with my mental health and whether or not I was feeling happy. He helped us track down equipment so that one of my bridesmaids could play the piano and sing for our first dance. His music choices were both fun and appropriate. We had people dancing and laughing all night! In fact we even stayed passed the time we were planning on leaving, we were just having so much fun!

Alan spent a lot of time on the phone with me talking about our music and always emailed me back in a timely manner. Alan is so happy and excited! He genuinely was excited about my wedding, getting to know both Brendan and I, and helping to keep us calm when things became stressful. I felt that he respected my parents, my wedding party, and my other vendors. It was very apparent that Alan was working hard to make our wedding day a success. At one point in the reception Alan even came over to me at my head table with two huge plates of food and simply said "eat!" He noticed that I had been so busy talking to guests and friends that I hadn't eaten anything yet! But that's just Alan! He cares about his brides both as customers and as friends!

Alan kept things flowing. I had no idea how to best place the first dance, cake cutting, toasts, etc. but Alan had great suggestions and helped me plan out everything. We had a surprise for my brother because it was his birthday as well and he helped organize everything between the vendors so that our surprise was as success!

I would recommend Alan 100%. I simply couldn't have asked for a better DJ. Not only was his performance on the day perfect, but his desire to help in other areas was wonderful too; he demonstrated a true knowledge of this business. Since the ceremony we have kept in contact a few times, which only again emphasizes his commitment to his customers, Alan genuinely cares about his clients

Ashley Ashley, married Brendan Ashley in Oak Harbor, Wa.

“Alan's execution of the plan we created together was flawless”

"Alan was highly recommended to us, and after we met with him, we were sold! Alan was full of great advice and ideas about how to create the mood we wanted for our wedding day through overall timeline and flow, music choices, and special touches. His experience and knowledge of what works at weddings and what doesn't really helped us nail down what we truly wanted for our day.

Alan exceeded our exceptions not only as our DJ, but as our Master of Ceremonies. He did an excellent job reading the crowd and tone of the evening, and adjusting as needed throughout the evening. Alan's execution of the plan we created together was flawless and I could not have asked for anything more! Our guests loved our music choices and overall flow of the reception, and the dance floor never died down!

Alan was very personally committed to making our day special for US. He called to check in the day before the wedding, he met with us multiple times to ensure that we were feeling ready for our big day, and provided us with honest answers and opinions to our many questions.

Alan played a HUGE role in helping us plan our timeline for the evening from ceremony to cocktail hour to cake cutting, dances, and toasts. His ideas for the flow of events were AMAZING. His intuition when it comes to reading the crowd is impeccable, and if a plan we had made in advance needed to be changed, he was able to come to us, tell us his thoughts, and make the change seamlessly.

The music was awesome, and our dance floor was packed from start to finish! Alan did a great job as an MC, he exceeded our expectations.

I would highly recommend Alan, and I would recommend that you take full advantage of his expertise, and meet with his as one of the first vendors so that you can have him help with the timeline of the evening." 

Kayla Blake, married to Chris Blake at Semiamoo Resort

“Coordinated with all the other vendors to make sure they were in line with the timeline”

"Alan went above and beyond the duties of a DJ.

He met with us several times over the wedding planning process to help us with putting together a detailed timeline, finalizing the timeline, helped with all the little details that couples might not think about (even items outside of just music and MCing), and even provided vendor recommendations when we asked.

Whatever problems or issues came up, Alan wanted to hear about them and help in any way that he could.

During the wedding, he showed up looking very professional and he made sure we kept up with our timeline. He knew how to read the crowd and play what people wanted to hear. He made sure that he checked in with us throughout the night, but at the same time, he dealt with any problems that arose instead of bothering us.

Alan also coordinated with all the other vendors to make sure they were in line with the timeline as well.

If you are looking for a DJ that does more than just plug in his iPod, Alan is your guy...definitely worth every penny." 

Cynthia Tran, married to Jason Nguyen in Seattle

“He really cared about what WE wanted, and worked hard to personalize our event.”

Lindsay and Evan at Pickering Barn
"He was very personally invested throughout the entire process.

He really cared about what WE wanted, and worked hard to personalize our event.

He met with us 2 separate times, driving from Seattle to Bothell both times. He did/brought everything he promised, and was a great MC the night of. He responded to emails/calls/texts in a timely manner, and always answered all out questions. 

He was very helpful w/ time lines, song choices, and he knew it was important that we had A LOT of dancing, and we definitely did! His song list is HUGE. He had some recommendations, and was not afraid to give us his opinion, but always went with what WE wanted first and foremost.

He dressed nice the night of our wedding, and his equipment was great. The venue turned out to have pretty bad acoustics, but he worked with it and did a great job.

I would recommend him any time.

Lindsay Roe, married to Evan Roe in Issaquah

“He made the night happen without a glitch”

Johnathan and Julie
""He was very professional and worked out the smallest details to our liking. Not one thing was off or unexpected. Our plan went down how we wanted to the timeline. He allowed us all to enjoy ourselves.

We feel like his life was dedicated to our wedding for the time leading up to the day. He was always available to take our calls and adapt to our request and suggestions.

He went above and beyond. We treasure and appreciate his investment in our wedding and it was all we could have hoped for and more. He made the night happen without a glitch.

He should plan weddings for a living. It is his specialty - he knows how to incorporate all ideas.

We are forever grateful and will book him for our Anniversary as well.

Johnathan Sutton, married Julie Sutton in Mukilteo WA

“Helped us make decisions that reflected our personalities”

"He was very personally invested throughout the entire process.

Alan helped make our day everything we wanted, and it was obvious he really cared about making everything go as smoothly as possible.

As a couple who have attended very few other weddings, we were really unsure about the typical events and schedule of weddings. Alan helped us think about what things we wanted to include in our day, and helped us make decisions that reflected our personalities. Alan was very professional before, during, and after the wedding.

I had a list of specific songs I wanted played at the wedding, both the ceremony and reception. Alan was able to make judgments, based on this list, of other songs to play that would go well with our style. He was able to play the songs I wanted in such a way that they flowed through the evening, even though the list I had contained very different styles of music, including classic rock, bluegrass, alternative, and reggae among others.

Alan was a great MC, he made announcements professionally and clearly when needed. He never talked just to hear himself talk, and never heckled or embarrassed anyone, which I have witnessed before from another MC at a wedding.

My best friend is engaged, and I am highly recommending Alan to her!"

Alyse Wright married to Geoff Wright in Arlington WA

“Bends over backwards to give a client exactly what they're after”

Alan went above and beyond to make our wishes come true on the evening. He met with us beforehand numerous times to ensure everything was perfect on the day. I still have guests to this day who rave about Alan and how funny and personable he was on the night. When guests were nervous about their toasts coming up, his demeanor and humor in the moment put them at total ease. He made the evening flow perfectly.

Alan completely helped in the planning. We didn't even know where to begin in terms of a time frame, and he guided us perfectly. We were grateful to have his knowledge and experience to guide us through. He even helped us with logistics in setting up for the ceremony, dining and dancing and how best it would flow.

He has state of the art equipment and extra perks on hand for light shows and stars to give the mood an extra splash of magic.

Alan read the crowd perfectly and made excellent choices in music for us. He also listened to our music wishes intently and implemented songs and styles of music that were important to us. It was very important to Alan that we were happy with the music played. He spent a good deal of time and energy putting together our individual playlists for the evening.

Brilliant MC! Alan was just perfect! Several guests commented how great he was in that he was never obtrusive, he never took over attention, just easily and seamlessly moved things along. He was there, but not there, subtlety guiding the event with humor and dignity in the best possible way.

Alan has a great energy and charisma about him. He puts people at ease, has a wonderful sense of humor and bends over backwards to give a client exactly what they're after. We would never look elsewhere when it came to hiring a DJ. Our guests still talk about Alan to this day, he left such a wonderful impression on everyone.

Alan has DJ'd for us a couple of times now, and will continue to in the future. He dresses the part whatever is called for. For our wedding, he donned a very classic tux and bow tie, for our Elvis themed surprise birthday party, he took it upon himself to rent a full Elvis costume wig and all! We couldn't believe the enthusiasm and pleasure he took in DJing our special evenings.

Summer Rognlie Trisler married to Jeff Trisler in Seattle

Alan was a true partner in every sense of the word. We had a very clear vision of what we wanted to do with our wedding, but Alan has several great suggestions along the way that made the event even better.
He was fully vested....he made us feel as if he had no other events to worry about all summer, which we KNOW was NOT the case.
A priceless asset with tons of experience and great ideas.
He did a masterful job with the introductions, cake cutting, toasts; everyone always knew what was happening and where to turn their attention.
What a wonderful experience it was working with Alan in all aspects, from lots of pre planning, through our wedding, even in follow up. Wow!

Jeff Trisler married to Summer Rognlie Trisler in Seattle

“A complete professional who helped guide our entire day flawlessly and with ease”

"Alan Chitlik from Puget Sound DJ performed the DJ services at our wedding at Sodo Park in October 2010 and was great to work with in so many ways.

He offered a generous amount of consultation time before the wedding day to go over logistics, planning and our preferred songs. He was extremely helpful and patient (as we had many questions when it came to the entire process).

We received not only DJ services, but Alan also helped prepare us for the entire wedding day process with his experience and background in performing at weddings. We really appreciated his relaxed attitude. As an MC, he was non-obtrusive and left the focus on the bride and groom.

On the wedding day, Alan was a complete professional who helped guide our entire day flawlessly and with ease.

Our ceremony was beautiful and unique and the reception was a huge hit with all our guests — from our friends to our parents' friends, everyone was commenting on how fun both the music and dancing were the entire evening.

If you want an affordable, flexible, fun yet professional DJ who helps you think through the entire day and all the "little things" and not solely the DJ aspect, we would highly recommend Puget Sound DJ. Alan was so easy to work with and made our big day even more special and memorable.

Shayna Heneghen, married to Brian Heileson in Seattle WA

“He was 100% committed”

“I love a person with spunk that likes to have as much fun as me.

Alan delivered above and beyond my expectations.

He was 100% committed. We are very "unique" couple with a lot of quirkiness and he took our thoughts and ran.

He was amazing. I would hire him again if I had the chance. He was fun and played into our requests, no matter how odd they may have been.”

Erin Powers, married to Bryan Croucher in Anacortes WA

“What really impressed me was the way Alan ran the flow of the evening”

“You helped make our day go smoothly with exactly the fun atmosphere we wanted. My friends thought that I gave you the entire play list because you did such a great job putting together a collection of songs we'd enjoy.

I knew you'd do a great job with the music, what really impressed me was the way you ran the flow of the evening. You thought of things I didn't (and didn't want to).

I'd recommend your services to anyone.”

Karen New, married to Jason Axelson in Bellingham WA

“You made the evening so special”

Cory Parris PhotographPhoto courtesy of Cory Parris Photography
“Thanks again for doing such an amazing job at our wedding.

It was an absolute pleasure having you there.

You made the evening so special and really helped both Amber and me keep calm:) "

Christian Carroll, married Amber Devine in Centralia, WA

“He was wonderful on the microphone”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ for my wedding.

Not only was Alan fully prepared with his equipment and an extensive library of music from all genres, he was wonderful on the microphone. Never drawing attention to himself or being obnoxious as I’ve seen other DJ’s do, he kept the festivities on track and made nice, upbeat announcements as necessary to move things along. 

We met more than once prior to our wedding to talk through every aspect from the music during the ceremony, to walking out as a new couple, to the cocktail hour, 1st dances and then a strategy for the open dance floor.

He took into account the type of crowd we were expecting and made recommendations about what type of music typically draws out the crowd. What I probably liked best was that he respected my wishes as the bride and honored my list of songs that I really wanted played and songs that I did NOT want played.

Thanks, Alan for making it so special for us.” 

Dawn Livingston, married to Scott Livingston in Sun Valley, Idaho

“Alan made our reception so much fun”

“Our wedding reception was held at the Four Seasons Olympic hotel in Seattle and we asked Alan to DJ for us.

Alan made our reception so much fun! He provided the PA for the toasts and speeches that were given. He found an obscure song that we had chosen for our bride and groom dance. He had a vast range of music, all of which was lots of fun to dance to.

Alan is very professional, thorough, has an extensive range of music for all musical tastes. My husband John and I would highly recommend Alan for anyone who wants to have an endless night of fun music for their event."

Karen Jones Gallagher, married to John Gallagher in Seattle

“Your professionalism, humor and hard work is much appreciated"

"Thank you so much for making our incredibly wonderful day so much more wonderful!

It was a total treat to have you at our wedding and your work was incredible.

Your professionalism, humor and hard work is much appreciated by Trina and I.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!"

Joe Whinney married to Trina Whinney in Roche Harbor

(The New York Times article on Joe and Trina's wedding is here.)

“The crowd had a great time listening to his music and was entertained by his personality”

"We had Alan at our wedding and it was perfect. Alan met with us prior to the event so he could understand what was important to us, what we wanted to avoid and what we wanted to be sure and incorporate.

From there he put his own special spin on it and the crowd had a great time listening to his music and was entertained by his personality and interaction. We would recommend Puget Sound DJ for any event you might be having."

Julie Mavencamp, married to Dave Church in Great Falls, Montana

“His knowledge and experience is exceptional”

“I really like Alan's flexibility in playing music we liked.

His knowledge and experience is exceptional. He was able to adjust easily during the reception to accomodate various events such as dinner and cake cutting.

I would recommend Alan for any wedding.”

Ed Aalvik, married Kay Taylor in West Seattle

“He took the time to understand what we liked”

“Our guests had a great time at our wedding and a lot of that had to do with Alan, he had so many people dancing the floor couldn’t accommodate them all!

We really appreciated his encyclopedic music knowledge…he wasn’t just relying on some online playlists, he took the time to understand what we liked and also made a bunch of great choices that we wouldn’t have ever thought of.”

Brian Riseland, married to Janet Garcia in Seattle

“Many of our friends said it was the most fun reception they had ever been to”

“We were so pleased to have you DJ our wedding. Many of our friends said it was the most fun reception they had ever been to and I attribute that to your fun personality and song choices! People danced and danced! I'm so glad you were part of our special day.”

Emily Fennell, married to Dan Fennell Seattle

“Alan was awesome at our wedding! We had people of all ages and music interests and somehow Alan was able to get everyone up and dancing using his insane music collection and personality.”

Dan Fennell, married to Emily Fennell in Seattle

“He's professional, knows his craft, and is fun to work with”

“Alan did a great job making sure our wedding music went off without a hitch. He's really got the wedding celebration itself down to a science and knows which kinds of music will elicit the desired result. Alan has the expertise to make the event a success.

If you envision lots of dancing, laughter, good times and happy memories on your wedding day, Alan of Puget Sound DJ would be one of the essential ingredients I would recommend. He's professional, knows his craft, and is fun to work with.”

Cindy Arasim, married to Kris Solvang in Seattle

“Truly a calming presence to an exciting (and busy) day”

“Alan was GREAT!

The preparation was very low key and he knew exactly what to play to follow the mood of evening.

Music was a really important part of our wedding experience and Alan did a fantastic job playing just the right song at the right time.

He was flexible with requests and had absolutely everything anyone wanted to hear – truly a calming presence to an exciting (and busy) day!”

Greg Goldkamp, married to Sarah Galante, San Juan Islands

“Knew how to read the crowd and play the right songs"

“Alan was the best DJ ever!

Unlike a lot of DJs I've witnessed at weddings, he actually listened to the playlist we wanted and played the songs!

He also knew how to read the crowd and play the right songs to get the party going.

His music was so inspiring that the dancing even turned into a dance circle complete with breakdancing.

I highly recommend him to anyone planning a wedding. Thanks again!"

Carin Schurman, married to Paul Mammen in Seattle