Do you want personal guidance and easy tools to help you select as much music as you like for all the evening’s events?

Music is a powerful determinant of how an evening flows and feels to your guests. And, for most couples, it's a fun way to put your personality into your event.

As part of making a reception highly-personal, I encourage couples to select as much of the music as they like and designate them as “Must Play,” “Play if Possible” or “Do Not Play.” And I make it easy for guests to make requests in advance on line or at the night of the event.

The first music at a reception is usually background for people to mingle, talk and eat. If you're trying to create an elegant beginning to your event, this can be a time to play Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong and other jazz artists. But the cocktail hour can also be a terrific opportunity to display your own personality through the event. If you like Adult Alternative (like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz etc.), a bit of Motown or Reggae or Country, we will create a playlist that incorporates and displays your style.

When it’s time to dance, I will play music appropriate for your audience. If you have a number of elderly attendees or kids, I’ll play music designed to make them feel a part of the celebration. If your crowd has some songs that they've traditionally danced to at big events, I’ll play them at just the perfect moment.

Putting your personal stamp on the day can include picking your own songs for activities like your Grand Entrance and things like that. Here are my recommended songs for music in several of a reception's biggest events: (This will launch a song-list in a separate window.)

  These lists represent what I would consider to be the best in their genre. They can serve as a starting point for our discussions. I have a more comprehensive list of recommended songs that I happily I share with each of the couples I work with.